Baobab Powder

Baobab is a long-lived deciduous large tree well known and grown mainly on the continent of Africa with broad trunks and compact crowns. The fruit of the baobab tree is one of their distinguishing features. It is large, oval to round, and berry-like in most species.

The baobab fruit is harvested and the hard outer shell is cracked open and the seeds removed. The pulp is then separated from the seeds and Sundried. The dried seeds are crushed and sieved leaving a fine lemony powder. Our Farmers are mostly in the Region of Tarangire on mainland Tanzania.

Quantity per pack: 40g

Price per 100g: 12.38

1001 Organic invests in the necessary infrastructure as well as in the farming communities and supports them in professionalizing and converting to certified organic agriculture. Through regular training and payments that are multiple time the commodity price our farmers and their families can benefit from a higher standard of living.