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Drop a few cloves in your herbal teas or chai masala. Cloves are also used in the cuisine of Asian, African, Mediterranean, and Near and Middle East countries, lending flavor to meats, curries, and marinades, as well as fruit.

Their essential oil content is so high that they are used locally as a natural substitute for anesthesia. Other benefits are keeping blood sugar in check and helping block the growth of bacteria.

Iddi Hassan is one of the few farmers with a very large production of cloves.

Cloves are the dried buds of a large flowering tree that is up to 20 meters high. Zanzibar as known as the spice island has some of the oldest clove trees in the world and the cloves have a significantly higher percentage of essential oils (15-18%) than cloves from other parts of the world. Our farmers are all based in Zanzibar.

The cloves are the buds of the flower from the tree which are sun-dried and then hand-sorted. The intactness of the head is a decisive quality feature.

Quantity per pack: 40g / 250g

Price per 100g: 19.75 / 7.60

1001 Organic invests in the necessary infrastructure as well as in the farming communities and supports them in professionalizing and converting to certified organic agriculture. Through regular training and payments that are multiple time the commodity price our farmers and their families can benefit from a higher standard of living.