Utengule Rift Valley Coffee Beans

This coffee is a pure Arabica from Utengule farm, made of grade "A" beans. Utengule coffee displays a full body (coffee-ness), fine citric acidity and undertones of blackberry. These characteristics are associated with high-grown coffee from the region and are desirable for gourmet-type coffee.

Gourmet products directly from the origin! In our Friends Corner we offer a platform to selected Tanzanian companies to offer their products directly and without intermediary trade in Europe. The focus is on befriended social enterprises with quality products for international gourmets. 

100% Arabica coffee beans, roasted. 500 grams gusset bags

The Utengule Coffee Company strictly follows the employment legislation of Tanzania, pays fair wages and ensures social contributions. Education in rural areas is the key to the development and betterment of the economy. Therefore the efforts of Utengule concentrate fully on the improvement of schools. The concept consists of partnerships with the villages, whereby Utengule contributes with hardware, transport and supervision, and the villages provide workmanship and labour. Several schools were renovated in collaboration with private donors. Children in these villages have now good classrooms for a better learning environment.