ZDF Mittagsmagazin: Gewürze auf Sansibar

ZDF Mittagsmagazin: Spices on Zanzibar

Zanzibar smells like Christmas: Numerous spices such as cinnamon, cloves and vanilla grow on the island in the Indian Ocean. The knowledge of spices is passed down from generation to generation in Zanzibar.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2023

Take a look at our 2023 CSR report and see last year's milestones in the area of ​​people and the environment.     CSR REPORT...

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Geschenksets von 1001 Organic

gift sets

1001 Organic gift sets: Sustainable joy for your team or your customers! Whether it's graduation, birthdays or a simple thank you. You can't go wrong...

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